Lovely House Design, Small Cottage Style

Just like most homes, a porch is built at the front for relaxation and as a hangout where you can also welcome your guests. The entire house is painted with lavender, including the kitchen extension at the back.

The roof does not have paint yet but if you wish to use this house as design inspiration, you can opt to use color roof material.

Compact Floor Plan

You can welcome guests at the porch but the living room inside the house is also a great hangout. There’s a cabinet for your entertainment system which includes a flat-screen TV and a stereo system.

Because it has a small footprint, the house is ideal for any location. The kitchen is built at the back as an extension. It comes with L-shaped counters that offer lots of space for food preparation. This kitchen extension is also spacious enough for the dining room. Also a great hangout for the family, the kitchen has a TV mounted on the wall.