What kind of house are you planning to build? Many people actually want just a small home with a matching garden or swimming pool outside! Just like this charming loft home that comes with a stylish yard and a small swimming pool. It’s the perfect combination.

There’s so much to love about this charming little home, especially because it features a pool at the front area. But this is a later addition by the homeowner and something that you can do without, particularly if a pool isn’t something you’d want to have at home.

Despite being tiny, this home has all the complete elements you’ll need in a house.

Charming Little Home, Lovely Design

What makes this house perfect? Everything!

The small yet lovely design ensures that you’ll have everything you need within just a few steps away. The house walls are painted in white which perfectly contrasts with the wood portions that are left in their natural colors.

The floors are also made of solid wood for the ground floor and the loft, creating a beautiful home that you’ll surely love.

Loft House, Perfect Floor Plan

With space being so limited, it’s a wonder that this house actually has everything you need! That’s because of the perfect floor plan which puts everything into consideration.

Unlike most homes, this house directly opens to the kitchen and dining area while the living room is at the other end. Created in galley style, the kitchen cabinets are set opposite each other, creating a seamless spot for preparing your food and cleaning up the dishes.

Stylish Loft Bed, Nice Bathroom

Wooden stairs lead to the stylish loft bed set directly on the wood floor. The ceilings are also made of wood, as with the window frames.

This house is not suitable for elderly occupants or children, but it would be perfect for a young couple or someone who wishes to live alone. There are no railings at the loft, though you can still opt to add some for safety.

Because of its wood materials and modern features, this tiny loft house could still cost at least Php1.5 million to build.