Cute Native Cottage with Tall Support Posts, Beautiful Balcony

Fancy living in a compound with your besties or siblings in matching native cottages with cute designs? That’s the concept of this cottage built with others of the same style. The cottage itself features tall support posts that can make the lower portion an additional storage space or even an extended hangout. The cottage is tiny, with just one bedroom, but it’s fully functional with a kitchen at the back.

Made with concrete support posts topped with wood, this native cottage would look great in a rural setting. But they can also make a nice addition to the yard of your modern home if you want to add a play space for the kids or extra guest accommodation.

Native Materials, Cute Home

Although it’s tiny, this place can be a nice home if you were to live alone or with your partner. But even with limited space, you can always build other amenities at the spaces below.

Plus, this house is designed as a complementary accommodation or one that you can build with similar others in one compound. It may even be an inspiration for resort accommodations.

You might notice nets over your house, but these are put to protect the roof from birds and the elements.

Bamboo Home, Beautiful Balcony

The beautiful balcony of this home is made with bamboo, just like most of the materials used to build this place.

Built-in, high-backed benches are set at the balcony so you won’t need additional furniture, but there’s also space in case you want to add a table. This makes the balcony double as an extended living room or dining area.

Amakan-Walled Interiors, Bamboo Beds

Amakan, a construction material also made of bamboo, is used for the interior walls. But the floors and even the furniture are made of bamboo. This house is truly 95% native.

Make sure to build study posts to support this house. Because of its fancy style, you may need at least Php100,000 for this modern home.