Are you confident enough to live in a pink house? Then this cute house design might suit your style. It features beautiful pink walls in varying hues, accented by white trim and some black stone tiles. The interiors are spacious, with large bedrooms, a huge living room, and comfortable bedrooms. The modern kitchen space can easily fit all the appliances you need for your daily cooking demands.

This house would be suitable for a flat parcel of land that’s planted with a lush garden to match the beautiful architectural design.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to have two or three bedrooms in this lovely home.

Modern House Design, Nice Porch Area

This home boasts of a modern design that features a flat roof. The porch area at the front can be a nice hangout for you and your family. It has a built-in bench the side opposite the main door, but the two other ends are open to provide access to other parts of the yard.

Printed mosaic tiles are used for the front porch but the interiors have plain grey tiles so you wouldn’t have to worry about them clashing with your interior design.

Stylish Home, Good Floor Plan

Staying in this home can be fun, thanks to its floor plan that ensures there are plenty of spaces for the family to hang out. This stylish home features white walls that you can easily decorate in the style you want.

The interiors are perfect with minimalistic accents yet would also look great with lots of floral prints on the curtains. Just don’t overdo the colors.

Modern Kitchen, Beautiful Bedrooms

Cooking can be easily with the modern kitchen with L-shaped counters. The kitchen also features lots of space, two huge windows on its length of the counter, and a stylish wooden door.

The bedrooms look beautiful and are decorated in plain curtains that you can always brighten up with prints that match your personality. Even the bathroom exudes elegance.

It would cost around Php2.2 million to build this beautiful home.