Cute Studio-Type House with Outdoor Living Room at Deck

2 min

Whether you are looking for a studio-type house or a separate office with your own kitchen and bed at the yard of your main house, this house design is definitely something that you should consider.

It is small enough to be an extra guesthouse at your home yet also well-equipped with amenities that you will need for a comfortable stay. This would also a perfect addition to your home if you’re planning to rent out on AirBNB!

The stylish design of this small home makes it a popular choice, particularly if you just want to build something small for yourself or your small family. You could always update the bed to a double deck, if needed.

Stylish House Design, Tiny Home

This falls under the category of tiny house designs, but this charming little studio is still something that you can truly be proud of having as your home. It features a wooden deck that doubles as an outdoor living room where you can welcome your guests.

Photo: Diycabinplans