A loving daughter is getting praise online and has become an inspiration to many after sharing the renovations she has done for her mother’s kitchen and house.

Many netizens also love the story, commenting that they can also relate with her story or that they miss the old kitchen they have that looks similar to the one this daughter shared.

Loving Daughter Improves Mom’s House

A loving daughter who goes by the name Mowei Torre Doroy Aznacap shared the story of how she helped slowly improve her mother’s home, and the fulfillment she feels about getting this done for her mom.

According to this daughter, when she first found a job abroad (she’s currently based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, according to her profile), she did her best to spend as much money on herself as she could. After all, she didn’t come from a rich family, so this is her moment to enjoy the luxuries in life.

She shared that she shopped for the many things she wanted, particularly clothes and shoes. She had her fill of branded items because sale events abroad really offer the brands at very low prices.

The OFW (overseas Filipino worker) added that she could never afford the prices of Nike and Adidas in the Philippines.

Eventually, though, she had her fill of these luxury stuff for herself. She began to spend her money on improving her mother’s home.

Because she doesn’t really have a lot of money, she started the home improvements little by little. She would buy some materials and get sections of the house improved from time to time.

Daughter Slowly Upgrades Mom’s House

Soon, she was surprised to see that her mother’s old bahay kubo is now looking like a real house – her words.

Improving the Kitchen

From the “dirty kitchen” setup, the loving daughter was able to improve the kitchen. It now has tiles on the counter.

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Daughter Slowly Upgrades Mom’s Kitchen

Although the house renovation and upgrades aren’t done yet, the OFW is happy to see the fruits of her labor abroad.


Source: Mowei Torre Doroy Aznacap / PERFECT HOUSE DESIGNS