Chito Miranda and wife Neri Naig have long been vocal about their business and real estate investments to serve as inspiration to others.

Recently, Chito shared how one of Neri’s dream rest house and business turned from just a dream into a reality.

According to Chito, Neri bought a 200sqm property for Php400k. It was the first property that Neri bought from her earnings in her tuyo business. This property made her so proud and determined – and led to buying her next property, a 1,500sqm lot.

Turning a Vision into Reality

Through the years, Neri worked hard to grow her businesses and also develop this property. She was able to build four villas on the lot, plus a swimming pool.

And while they first thought of this as a vacation home, Neri saw the opportunity to rent it out as a resort and events place. There’s even a playground for the kids.

Four years after Neri bought the lot, the couple opened Miranda’s Rest House. It’s amazing how a vision turned into this dream house that the couple can also earn money from. Great idea, right?

Fabulous Exteriors

There’s a lot to love about Miranda’s Rest House.

The private villas are set close to each other, making it the perfect setting for family reunions or other intimate gatherings. The well-manicured lawn, landscaped areas, and brick-lined courtyard also make the place look nice and neat.

Plenty of spots are so Instagrammable. There are even picnic tables for outdoor dining, and a pavilion you can book for special events.

Beautiful Interiors

Miranda’s Rest House also boasts of beautiful interiors. The walls have neutral colors, but pops of colors can be found in some of the furnishings and pillowcases.

Stylish rugs define spaces in the rooms, and you can see interesting accents on the ceilings and walls.

Some of the rooms even have bunk beds.

Sources: Chito Miranda / Miranda’s Rest House