Whether you are planning to stay at your mountain cabin as your primary abode or just planning to visit for a vacation when you have extra time, it’s great to pick a design that would both be functional and beautiful.

You always have the choice of picking a contemporary design, yet mountain cabins still look so much better with a rustic feel.

Rule number one in building a dreamy mountain cabin? Use wood.

After all, logs are most likely readily available in the area and you could have a lot of that at your disposal. But aside from the practicality of choosing logs, the material really makes your mountain cabin look more superb and authentic!

With your mountain cabin set in a beautiful area, surrounded by a picturesque scenery, you can make the most of your lovely location by opening up your abode so you can enjoy everything without even stepping out of your home.

You can easily achieve that by choosing large windows that fully open. Glass windows will actually make your mountain cabin look more stunning – and we’ll readily bet that many would be envious by those huge windows where everyone can enjoy the lovely view while resting on the couch or having dinner.

Better yet, why not choose floor-length windows or glass sliding doors?

There’s just something so dreamy and romantic about a log home with glass windows – and you should make the most of your superb location.

Check out these photos of dream designs for rustic mountain cabins.

As you can see, many are already quite modern in design and structure; however, the owners of these homes added their own touch to make the houses unique.

Some of the homes are small, yet they seem to be fully equipped even for longer stays.

Whether you want a one-bedroom cabin or something grander, you’ll love these photos of dreamy mountain cabins with rustic designs.











So, which of these superb homes did you like best?

Source and image credits: Architectural Designs