How much money do you need to build a house? That’s the age-old question for many people who wish to have their own home. The answer varies, of course, depending on many factors. But one couple managed to build their house the DIY way, spending at least Php250k. It comes with one bedroom that’s suitable for their small family, tiled floors, living room, and a functional bathroom. Lots of plants also deck the house, creating a charming space that you’ll love to relax in.

The design and style aren’t for everyone, but we absolutely love this DIY stone house. What do you think?

Creative Couple Builds Stone House

Sasje Aseba shared that she and her husband, Gleen Estrera, slowly built their house in the course of 2 years. It’s still a work in progress, with some areas that still need to be improved or upgraded, but the results are already looking great.

According to Sasje, they didn’t use hollow blocks in building their home. Instead, they gathered rocks such as from the caves near their home to use on the walls.

While they managed to save on the stones, they did spend more on the cement since they needed that to make sure that the stones stick to each other and the walls are sturdy. Rebars were also added to the walls and posts to ensure durability.

Stylish Stone House, Smoother Interiors

The exteriors of the house are kept in the original stone design, which is understandably rough. If you were to use this house as inspiration, you can opt for stone-inspired wall tiles or real stones to create a similar effect.

Since the stone walls are rough, the interiors were smoothened out, though the couple left the bathroom in stone wall design.

They spent at least Php250k to build this home.

Source: Sasje Aseba / Awesome Philippines Houses