We have already featured quite a number of Hello Kitty houses on this site. But if you’re looking for another cartoon character inspiration for your home, check out this Doraemon house that comes complete with a blue theme and lots of murals inside and out!

With walls painted in pastel blue, this place is a soothing haven. But the sophisticated appeal is dominated by the murals all over the walls depicting Japanese character Doraemon in various poses.

Images of the earless robotic cat was painted all over the place, without the other characters in the manga series, such as Nobita Nobi, the boy he’s supposed to be with all the time. But the place remains charming and would be perfect for Doraemon fans, of course.

Colorful Interiors

There are so many Doraemon prints all over this house that it could easily pass off as a Doraemon museum or some fan’s club hangout. All the walls of the house, from the living room to the dining area to the kitchen and bathrooms have huge Doraemon art.

Even the ceilings have adorable Doraemon prints.

Perhaps wanting to make one of the rooms a bit feminine, the owner added some Hello Kitty prints but the cute cat character still shares the space with Doraemon even in that feminine-themed room. Doraemon wears a pink bow tie in that room.

Doraemon Kitchen, Doraemon Bathroom

Every single bit of space in this house has Doraemon all over the place. So, even the kitchen is in blue – and you enter the room through a glass door ‘guarded’ by a happy-looking Doraemon. Yep, you guessed it right!

The bathroom has checkered tiles in alternating blue and white, but a giant Doraemon figure dominates one wall. Taking a bath in this place might be a little disconcerting, unless you don’t mind having the giant Doraemon staring from the wall. LOL.

The house itself could be built for a budget of around Php1.6 million to Php1.8 million, but the Doraemon prints could be quite costly.