Are you looking for a fun design for your home? If you’re a fan of cartoon-character Doraemon, then this house might be the right one for you. It’s designed with lots of cute character prints in mind. This 1-bedroom house features a spacious living room, creative bedroom, and a cute bathroom.

You’ll love staying in this fun-filled house with cute character prints inside and out. It’s a beautiful tribute to this fun character. It could also work for other characters if you want. Just make sure to commission a good artist to make these character prints look good.

It’s also not surprising that the house makes use of blue and white paint to keep up with the theme.

Spacious Porch, Modern House

What are you looking for in a home? For many modern houses, the porch is the perfect spot at the entrance. It is a welcoming space for your home and can be an extension of your living room.

This modern home also features a flat roof over the main part of the house, and a smaller one jutting out of the wall over the porch.

Creative, Fun-Filled Interiors

Inside this house, you’ll find lots of great Doraemon prints on the walls, just like the ones on the outside walls.

Because of these loud prints, you might want to choose more subdued furniture pieces so they won’t clash with the Doraemon designs. Brown, black, or white furniture pieces would look good in this house.

Stylish Bedroom, Cute Bathroom

This house comes with a stylish bedroom that, as expected, also has Doraemon prints. Even the bed covers, pillows, and curtains in this bedroom have Doraemon designs.

Though this house only has one bedroom, you can opt to use part of the big living room to add another one. There’s also a Doraemon-themed bathroom.

A house like this will need around Php1.8 million to build.