Dream House with Beautiful Design and Functional Interiors with Floor Plan

Not everyone dreams of a grand house with huge spaces for numerous activities and several garage spots for multiple cars. Many dreamed of having a small but beautiful home that’s easily manageable and can be built within their budget. Just like this lovely dream house with a small but functional space. It features a beautiful design, with a spacious living room, private room, compact but modern kitchen, and a nice deck.

This house uses different types of construction materials to achieve a great effect. It’s mainly made of concrete but also uses glass, wood, and wood-inspired tiles.

The design itself looks like a modern cottage, with wood ceilings to complete the look.

Nice Deck for Hanging Out, Beautiful House Design

Instead of the usual porch, this house features a deck that doesn’t have a roof. But this would be perfect to build at a place where there’s a natural shade for this spot, such as a big tree.

Yet even without a shade, this would still make a nice design and would be perfect for hanging out early in the morning or after a long day.

Great Interior Design

This house is quite elegant, thanks to the different architectural styles used in various spots. It’s clearly a modern home, yet also has a cottage feel. It would be so easy to feel relaxed and at home in this kind of atmosphere.

The floors have wood-inspired tiles while the ceilings are made of wood, yet the white walls create a lovely contrast with both portions.

Modern Kitchen, Multi-Function Rooms

The wide sliding glass doors directly open to the beautiful living room with a charming table set. This spot can double as your living room and dining area.

At one side is a modern, fully-equipped kitchen that’s big enough to handle all your cooking needs.

Towards the other end is an elegant bedroom.

It would cost you around Php1 million to build this beautiful home.