Dreamy White House with Roof Deck, 4 Lovely Bedrooms

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A lot of people don’t pick white as the main color for the exterior of their house because the paint job can easily get dirty. Yet with proper maintenance, such a home can be so beautiful!

This dreamy white house features a roof deck accessed by exterior stairs set by the side. You can always put railings at this part for added safety, especially if you have small kids around. Stainless steel railings would be a perfect complement for the house design.

The porch serves as the main entryway to this lovely house while the door features a stylish design.

Dream House Design

This beautiful home makes a wonderful place for you and your family to live in. It features a dream house design with 4 bedrooms that are surely sufficient for your growing family.

A 4-bedroom house like this costs at least Php2 million to build. Make sure to pick safe materials for the roof deck.