Looking great with its glass walls at the living room, this elegant 2-bedroom house looks fantastic, no matter the season. The modern design features lots of glass, flat yet stylish roof designs, and a good layout.

At the front is a spacious porch with some chairs for relaxation. Though the walls of the living room are made of large glass, the house actually has a single glass door at the front as main entrance.

Stylish furniture pieces are used inside the house, creating an elegant effect that’s complemented by antique-inspired lights. Huge sliding glass windows are also placed strategically around the house to brighten up the space and let the fresh air in.

Dream House Design

This dream house design features 2 bedrooms that have modern furnishings and a great style. The living room is large and has shiny wood-inspired tiles that match the ones in the bedrooms. The main roof slopes towards the back while the ones over the porch slope towards the front, creating a nice visual effect.

Planters are also placed around this home for added beauty. Make sure to put flowering plants there.

Elegant Living Room

Designed in a way that’s similar to a showroom, the living room exudes of elegance and has glass walls at the entire front portion. But even the walls at the sides have huge glass windows. The modern console table at the living room looks perfect.

This house makes use of split-type airconditioning, but you can always opt to just keep the huge glass windows open to let the fresh breeze in.

Beautiful Bedrooms, Stylish Bathroom

Though it only has 2 bedrooms, this house is truly perfect for a medium-sized family. A full-sized closet and a dresser are placed inside the rooms, but built-in cabinets would also look perfect here.

There’s a stylish bathroom with grey mosaic tiles and off-white, grayish wall tiles that make the space look even more elegant.

This elegant 2-bedroom house costs about Php2 million or more to build.