For many families, a 3-bedroom house is the most ideal to build. While it seems to be too big when the kids are still small, the house is really perfect as the kids grow up and move to their own rooms.

Ideally, the two extra bedrooms are for the children, one room assigned for each child or if there are more than two children, the arrangement can be one room for the boys and one room for the girls.

In this lovely home with a simple yet elegant design, the house is divided into two distinct portions.

The left side of the house is dedicated for the three rooms and the toilets, while the right portion is set for the common areas of the home.

A small porch makes up the welcoming portion of this simple house; though you can expand this area if space allows.

An expanded porch will provide a bigger space for your family to hang out and enjoy the view of your gardens.

Like most homes, this one opens to the living room that is only separated from the dining area with the couch.

Beside the dining area is the kitchen which opens to a dirty kitchen at the back. This is something that many Pinoy homes have.

Large, sliding glass windows complete the elegant look of this beautiful 82-sqm home.

The roof is set in deep red color, but you can change this to your liking, of course.

Walls are painted white, with a combination of yellow and some brick wall accents for a more elegant look.

According to Pinoy ePlans, budget estimates for this house ranges from only about Php984,000 – Php1,148,000 for a rough finished budget or as much as Php1,968,000 – Php2,296,000.

Don’t worry because you can always move in once the home is roughly finished, then simply work on the elegant additions when your budget allows.

Source: Pinoy ePlans