Built for a budget of nearly Php2 million, this elegant house is a great option for you and your family to have a lovely place to call home. It a beautiful and comfortable place to live in, anytime of the year. Plus, it even features a karaoke room! Now, isn’t that exciting?

Concrete is poured around the house, about 1 meter from the walls, for easy cleaning of the outdoor area and to let the homeowners easily walk from the front to the back area.

Painted in brown tones, with a darker shade for the battens, this house features a homey design.

Gorgeous Porch

The porch is accessed from the stairs that has stainless steel railings with a modern design that matches the ones connecting the posts.

There are rock-inspired accents and modern lights on the posts while the sliding glass doors and windows have a white trim that create a more elegant look to this place.