8+ Photos of Elegant Small House Design On A Budget (+FLOOR PLAN)

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Even though People are family-oriented, and most are still living with family even already married, they still wanted a house of their own. One where they can live and experience true independence. But because building a house is mostly expensive, most cannot afford it.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a small house to start your family independence with, this elevated small house design is your best contestant.

This elevated small house design is an elegant modern type house. About 60 square centimeters in size, this type of house is designed specifically for a small family and on a limited budget.

If you have a starting budget of about 13000+ USD then this house is for you. Design to minimize the less needed parts of the house, you can start constructing on a 13,000+ USD budget if the price per unit is 230USD.

Small but convenient

You might think that because it is small, it’s not functional, but you’re wrong. The same with any other houses, this elevated small house is constructed with complete living space. It is also designed with unique and beautiful features than the other same price houses.

This small house is consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 common bathroom, kitchen and dining combined, living room and service area at the back. Does it have a front porch?

Yes. Though small, this house is constructed with front porch wide enough to sit or chill out outside.

Elevated design, this house is 8.5 meters deep and 7.5 meters wide. The house can be accommodated in approximately 63 sq.m lot. On a side note, if the land is limited, you have an option to cut off the rear balcony.










Photo Source: Amazing Architecture