Tiny House Design front view

Elegance does not always mean that you have to have a lot of elements for your aesthetics. Most often than not, elegance can be achieved with simplicity and cleanliness that is easy on the eye.

This featured tiny house design for today may be pink and cute on the outside, but the moment you step in, elegance and comfort will envelop you making you want to stay there and never leave.

Beautiful Interiors

The interior of the house makes use of the basic house colors, black, white, cream and wood finishes. But what makes it unique is the dominance of one pop of color: green.

Tiny House Design interiors
Tiny House bathroom

The pop of green is so pleasing that it brings comfort to the eyes. It gives the feeling of being one with nature without removing the simplicity of the whole design.

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Japanese Style Bed

The bed is a Japanese style step bed that makes use of the space below it as drawers and cubby holes. A set of curtains separates the bed from the living area that is just below it to add more privacy.

Living Room

Also directly beside the living room is the dainty kitchen that includes a green modern chandelier to put a pop in your mood.

This house reminds us to not judge a book by its cover, or rather, do not judge a house by its exterior.