Elegant White House with Stylish Furnishings, Creative Decor

Searching for an elegant house design that can suit a growing family or even a retired couple? Then, look no further because this house might just be the perfect one you’ve been looking for. It features a stylish porch at the front, a modern kitchen and different spots, a sky-lit indoor garden spot, elegant bedrooms, and nice bathrooms, too.

You will really love everything about this elegant white house that also comes with stylish furnishings and creative décor.

While the house walls are mostly done in white, you can find lots of splashes of colors across this home. The doors and plenty of creative décor brighten up the space.

Nice Porch, Beautiful Walkway and Gardens

There are plenty of things to love about this home. It starts with the nice porch at the front that’s complemented by the beautiful walkway and gardens. It’s really so relaxing to hang out at the porch and admire this simple, yet lovely view.

A carport is built next to the porch, providing you with easy access anytime of the day, even when it’s raining.

Modern House Design, Beautiful Interiors

This home is a great place to stay. Its modern design lets you admire your home throughout every season, while the beautiful interiors make you love having such a great place to live in.

Plush rugs define spaces in the house, while creative décor add beauty to the place. There are also lots of plants inside this home. Unlike most homes, it even features an indoor garden that looks really lovely.

Modern Kitchen, Plenty of Dining Spots

There’s a nice, modern kitchen in this house where you and your family can easily prepare your meals. But you’ll also enjoy having plenty of dining spots around. This house is really equipped for a busy family.

This expansive house might cost you around Php1.8 million to build.