There are many different materials used to build a home, but there’s just something about the combination of wood and glass that makes it more elegant, no matter what size the building might be.

In this modern wood home, the atrium-style living room brings lots of light in yet also makes the place look timeless.

The raised wooden deck easily connects the house to the beautifully landscaped lawn below. This deck also serves as the main entryway towards the house, with the sliding glass doors opening to the spacious living room with huge glass panels and windows.

Floor-length curtains provide privacy to this modern home, but also add elegance to the interior.

Bedrooms are large and also made of wood. The best furniture to match the place is surely made of wood, but you can soften the look with flowers and some colorful décor.

Gorgeous chandeliers match the grand beauty of this place, with modern chairs making a contemporary addition to this home.

Bedrooms jut out towards the back, with glass windows that open to the lovely view.

Because this home is mostly made of wood and glass, it would be a good idea to make sure the materials are made weather-proof. Add extra coats of waterproof lacquer or paint. As an added measure, you might also want to make sure the wood is treated so that it won’t attract termites and other wood-boring critters.

You can decorate this home as you please, with color splashes on the fabric of the curtains and bedsheets making this place livelier and homey.

The stairs are set at the atrium-style living room, leading to the rooms above.

Due to the woodsy nature of this home, it would be perfect to complement this with lots of beautiful plants and a lovely landscape, with garden lights so you can enjoy the view from the deck while stargazing at night.