Need a home but with a limited budget? You can try something similar to this Elevated Native home which was built for just Php25k.

This tiny home is set on the second floor, making it look taller and slightly grander than it really is – and that can actually be a good idea.

Elevated Native Home frontview

This elevated native home comes with a bamboo frame and light wall support using metal furring. That’s actually important to keep the space as lightweight as possible, considering that the house doesn’t have a concrete or metal base.

Light cement board was used for the walls, though marine plywood might also be a good idea as long as the material is sealed and varnished or painted with a few coats of waterproofing paint.

Simple but Nice Home or Hangout

A house like this doesn’t need a lot of luxury stuff. It’s simple yet has nice features for a good night’s rest.

There’s a balcony where you can relax while admiring the view around your home. Add a few chairs and table – and it will be fantastic as a hangout or dining spot. It can even be used as a small home office if you’re a freelancer.

The house is made of a mix of bamboo and wood.

Not for Picky Folks

What can you expect with Php25k? Not much when used for a home, of course.

So, don’t look for fancy baubles in this home. It’s a spot that isn’t for picky folks – and the stairs are more like a makeshift ladder towards a secret loft.

Still, the house looks cute and you can always change the style of the stairs to something that’s sturdier.

Some Modern & Lovely Features

Despite being a native house on a budget, this home features some modern and lovely features. For example, there are sliding glass windows with a black frame.

Also, a flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall.

What do you think of this sweet, tiny home?

Source: Samson P. Flores Jr. & Bexve B. Flores / Awesome Philippines Houses