A house should not provide shelter alone but should cater to your needs also.

When you’re living in low lying areas where frequent flooding happens, you would want a house that is higher from the ground right? You know, one where flood waters can’t get inside. If so, you might want to consider this house design. This single storey house design doesn’t just give you shelter but cater to your needs as well. It’s the perfect house for a low lying area.

Elevated style

This single storey house is a 5 steps elevated house or approximately 0.75 meters from the ground level. This style is really perfect and convenient if you are in a low lying area where flooding happens almost all the time during the rainy season. It has two bedrooms and one common toilet and bath.

Simple looking house

This house has a simple exterior look. Dark and light colors are combined for the exterior paint. The front columns are painted with dark color and most part of the wall is painted with light color. You are given an option to put up a garage on the front left side of the house or not. If you want a garage, it requires 11.2 meters width and 17 meters depth lot area. The house footprint is 7.2 meters and the floor area has a total of 81 square meters.

Wood accent

To add beauty to the house, porch and stair railings are made of wood and is painted with light colors. The porch floor is made with ceramic tiles. However, you can change it with granite tiles if you want.

Its roof is also made with hipped roof to ensure durability during harsh weather.

The main entrance door is made of double leaf wood panel door.

And to make it look even more beautiful, the windows are made of the wood sash with glass panes.

Source: Pinoy E-plans