Family Builds Small and Simple House for Php100k

While there are people who spend millions of pesos on building their homes, there are also those who don’t have that much money but are able to build a safe, comfortable house for the family. Like this family who built a small and simple house for Php100k. It’s not fancy but it’s a safe roof over their heads. This house even has a kitchen, two bedrooms, and windows with grills.

Although its current situation shows that the house needs some upgrades for aesthetics, it’s also clear that it can last a couple of decades, thanks to its sturdy construction and concrete walls.

It doesn’t have proper finishing or paint, yet it’s a nice home for this family.

Simple House Design

You can’t expect a fancy house at Php100k, of course. But this one already looks good and could easily look so much better once you upgrade the place or add some fancy accents that can make it look better.

There’s provision at the front for a porch that can connect the elevated door easily to the ground, while also adding a nice hangout at the front for you and your family.

You can also opt to finish the grounds with concrete flooring for added safety once the budget allows.

Simple Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

A tiny house like this can greatly benefit from having a compact floor plan to ensure that there isn’t any wasted space. That also ensures that the house wouldn’t feel too cramped.

It’s clear that there are so many rough edges that require a lot of work, but you can easily upgrade those later. What’s important is that the foundation is strong and the rooms are already laid out.

Simple Kitchen

As expected, the kitchen is also simple but it can be useful for preparing your family’s meals.

This house was built for only Php100k. It can cost more once you get those upgrades going.