A family decorates their impressive house with ideas from Pinterest and Home Buddies – and we’re quite amazed! Who would have thought it was possible to create this kind of home without hiring an interior designer?

House with Ideas from Pinterest & Home Buddies

The family shares photos of their home as inspiration for others. What’s also impressive is that many of their decorations and fixtures are from Shopee – and the owners are also open in sharing the prices of these options to curious netizens on Home Buddies.

We absolutely love that they used ideas online to decorate their home because that clearly shows that anybody can do the same thing and make their homes look great, even with just ideas from these sites.

Beautiful 2-Story Home, Modern Design

This home features two stories, with a small balcony on the second floor.

Even the entrance to this house looks stunning, thanks to the stylish wood-inspired metal gates and the elegant fixtures that the family got from Shopee.

Many netizens were also impressed by the electronic door lock – and the couple said they got this smart lock from Facebook Marketplace.

Grand Interiors, Truly Impressive Home

The marble-themed floors create a beautiful base for the elegant interiors of this beautiful home.

A sectional sofa with plump throw pillows graces the living room, while an impressive light fixture (priced at around Php8,000) add beauty to the space.

There are also lots of wall accents to create added interest in this home. The overall appearance of the interiors look fantastic – and it never fails to amaze us that these were achieved without an interior designer, really.

Stunning Bathrooms, Superb Accents

Even the bathrooms of this home look stunning, with an eclectic mix of different modern styles. One of the bathrooms even has a squarish toilet bowl and a bathtub.

Some recessed sections of the wall create spots for the toiletries.

Not surprisingly, the dining area and kitchen also look great – like they’re straight off the pages of a glossy architecture and design magazine.

Depending on the size, furnishings, and final look you want to achieve, this home can be built for around Php3 million, more or less.

Source: Home Buddies