Fancy Yellow House with Nice Interiors, Lovely Accents

Finding the right house design to suit your style and meet your needs is essential in having a place that you’ll truly to love to stay in. If you’re looking for a fancy house with nice interiors, then this can be a good choice. It features a nice porch at the front, a deck at the back, and a modern kitchen.

The exteriors of this beautiful home are painted in yellow, with white and brown trim. Frames around the windows and main door are in white, creating a nice match to the rest of the house.

Inside, the walls are painted in white to give an illusion of space and to make this house look neat.

Nice Porch Design, Modern Home

This house would make a good place to live in, thanks to its nice design and great features. The roof of the porch at the front even extends to cover a concrete portion that can be an added deck for relaxing.

Just add a small table and some chairs to make this spot a cool hangout.

Steel bars painted in black create a nice accent at the porch that match the railings. They upgrade the house’s look on the outside. Of course, you can always change this accent into something else if you don’t like this kind of design for your home.

Nice Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

The interiors are in white but dark brown is used for the baseboards and on the door jambs.

Different tile designs are used for varied sections of the house to highlight these different sections. While the main part of the house, including the entryway and living room have light brown tiles, the kitchen has a mosaic pattern.

The bathroom features wood-inspired tiles on the floor, plus some artsy tiles on the walls. The deck at the porch use stone-inspired designs.

This fancy yellow house may cost you around Php2 million to build.