Architecture has advanced vastly over the years. From concepts, designs, plans, style, layout, and materials. In view of the current progress and evolution in designs, residential houses are not exempted to this.  In fact, there are several plans available on the internet that you can choose from.

In building your dream house, you have to consider a lot of things to avoid making the wrong decision and regrets in the future.  It is advisable to list down all your preferences and goals. It includes picking the right house model, budget, materials, and location.

The roof is one of the house structure that cannot be ignored.  A well-engineered roof highlights the beauty of the house in totality.  If you want your dream home to be a one of a kind house and adored by many, why not consider the Modern Flat Roof House as your future reference.

In addition, the roof does not have to be appealing to the eyes, it has to be strongly built also enough to protect the property from any fortuitous event.

Traditional homes are usually constructed with high pitched roofs.  While modern homes nowadays are dominated by flat, angled or low pitch roofs in gable types.

Advantages of Modern Flat Roof House Plan

  1. The installation and maintenance cost is cheaper.
  2. Flat roofs provide more stability
  3. Usable space for family function and gatherings
  4. Fire and wind resistant
  5. Space can be used for gardening, cleaning and maintenance works

Flat Roof Houses



























Source: Pinoy House Designs

No wonder why present architecture proposes different roof design and styles. Absolutely, the main reason is it added value and attraction to the structure.

Flat and low sloped roofs look prominent on a wide variation of architectural models.especially on modern house designs.

In reality, more residents are using flat roof design on their vestibule, balconies, and garages which looks very appealing Flat roof is recommended if you are planning to extend your house in the future. Moreover, it is the most economical and convenient plan.