Life doesn’t always come easy – and so many people have experienced too many hardships before finding success. But when that comes, success feels sweeter and more beautiful.

That’s exactly what netizen Ralph Lester de Castro feels after finally experiencing success and building a grand home for the family after years of hardships.

In his post on Home Buddies, de Castro flexes their new home while also recalling the difficulties they faced back when they were just renting a house and they had to share the limited space of their small bedroom.

Today, the family gets to enjoy a grand and spacious room, no longer worrying about who gets to sleep on the more comfortable spot.

Grand Home Filled with Love and Inspiration

To give context to his success story, de Castro shares of the small house that they had rented for 26 years – and it’s now about the same size as his bedroom!

No longer do they need to worry about space in their new home, but having this old photo remains beautiful for the family about how far they’ve gone from living in this humble abode to a grand mansion of their own.

Impressive Interiors with Huge Spaces

There’s a lot to love about this grand home with its impressive interiors, huge spaces, and creative fixtures. Instead of the usual rectangular or square ceiling design, De Castro’s home features multiple circles that look creative and stylish.

The living room features a plush carpet to define the space, emerald green sofa set, and a luxurious massage chair. There’s also space to display their awards and trophies, plus more certificates and citations on the walls of the stairwell.

Stunning Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Roof Deck

It seems that every single space in this home has been well-planned to create a comfortable yet stylish spot for varied uses.

There’s a stunning kitchen with a bar and dining area, all with contemporary furnishings and designs.

Upstairs is a tiled deck with weather-proof rattan furniture set perfect for hanging out.

De Castro also shares a photo of his bedroom and the bathrooms – and each spot looks stunning.

It’s best to set aside a budget of around Php4 million to build a grand mansion like this one, complete with stunning fixtures and impressive designs.

Source: Ralph Lester de Castro / Home Buddies