Painted in a beautiful shade of green that is soothing to the eye, this gable-shaped house has a coastal design meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach. But you can also build this home even in a gated subdivision or even in a rural setting.

The gable-shaped house features 3 bedrooms, perfect for a growing family. Steel railings are used on the porch while stone tiles add beauty to the pillars supporting the roof.

This spot also makes a welcoming entryway that has direct access to the large sliding glass doors at the main entrance. White frame is used around the doors and windows, perfectly complementing the green walls.

Coastal Design

Invoking the feeling of being at the beach, the house features a coastal design that you are surely going to love. From front to back, the walls are painted with green and teal. On the outside, this house could easily bring back memories of the beach.

The porch features ample space for hanging out, with brown tiles that match the shade of the sandstone tile accents.

Expansive Interiors

This house was designed in such a way that the interiors are expansive. Every bit of space is cleverly used in this home. A beautifully designed ceiling covers the length of the main hall while a smaller, matching design is used over the living room.

The three bedrooms have nice wooden doors painted in a darks shade of brown while chestnut baseboards are used all over the place.

Beautiful Kitchen, Lovely Bathrooms

With its different styles of flowery tiles, the kitchen looks beautiful, though many might prefer a simpler design scheme. A stainless-steel hood keeps the space clean and odor-free.

The main bathroom is large and divided into two distinct sides that are separated from each, with white doors providing access to each space. The lovely bathrooms also have flowery tiles.

For a budget of Php1.3 million, you can already build this beautiful 3-bedroom house.