Building your own house is not so easy, especially if you live on minimum wage. That’s why one gasoline boy has wowed everyone after he was able to build his dream house despite his low-paying job.

Everyone was quite amazed after Facebook page P U G E featured the house of gasoline boy Igue G. Varra, 26 years old. Though still young and working only as gasoline boy, Igue was able to save up enough money to start building his dream house.

Everyone knows that gasoline boys don’t earn a lot of money; thus, Igue is admired for being able to do this – and he even has a great design for his home!

Dream House Design

The dream house design of Igue features 2 bedrooms, with a lovely porch at the front and modern features. The flat roof is split at the middle, angled at the sides of the house and creating a beautiful effect. The eaves are painted in white while the outside walls are in cream and light grey.

Budget-Friendly Home

What makes Igue truly admirable is that he was able to build this house with his meager salary – and managed to pick a budget-friendly home that actually has a great design. So far, he has spent Php250,000 for the construction of the house; though it still is not finished but the structure already looks great.

With its floor area of 22 ft x 24 ft, the house is cozy but just perfect for his family.

Modern Home, Great Floor Plan

This home features 2 bedrooms, a nice porch at the front, a small but modern kitchen, lovely living room, and a shared bathroom. He also spent Php25,000 for the grills and the iron gate that added beauty to his home.

Currently, the house does not have a roof yet and still has a long way to go to be completed, but Igue’s dream home has inspired a lot of people to save up and build their own dream homes, too.