This 3-bedroom glass house with modern minimalist style and high ceilings is perfect for a medium-sized to large family. It features ample space for everyone and looks fantastic enough for all ages; though the many glass walls might come as a challenge if you have hyperactive kids.

Yet this house looks so elegant, with its huge glass walls and windows. It managed to still look minimalist and sophisticated at the same time.

Set on a platform raised by 50cm and having high ceilings, this house has a commanding appearance even from afar. It clearly suits any location but would best work in gated subdivisions where individual homes don’t need their own fences and gates.

Unique Style

The house has a unique style in that it appears to feature an atrium, but that part is actually the master’s bedroom. There’s a small porch accessed by stairs in wraparound style. The porch roof extends to the side of the house to create a spot for the carport supported by huge pillars.

Viewed from near or far, this house is definitely gorgeous!

Simple Back Area with Creative Lanai

There’s a wooden door that opens to the back area where you can do the washing. The spot also just steps away from the creative lanai made from wood and a pod-style hammock.

The back part of the house isn’t as grand as the front, but that is to be expected.

Compact Interiors

This modern 1-story house features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a separate kitchen. With its compact floor plan, it is possible to build 2 bedrooms at the back while still having enough space for the much larger master’s bedroom at the front and the hall which features the living room and the dining area.

The total living area is 85 square meters in this house built for a budget of Php1.6 million ($31,000).

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