Gorgeous Log Home with Ornate Carvings & Beautiful Design

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A house doesn’t have to be huge and modern to be a happy home. In fact, even a small house can be one of the best homes in the world! What’s important is the love that the people living inside the house feel about each other.

And who said small houses can’t be beautiful?

Log Home

In this charming little house in Thailand, it is easy to see how this can be perfect for any location because it features a beautiful concept that uses wood, with ornate carvings that add beauty to this humble abode.

Log Home 2

The entrance to the house is through a lovely porch with intricately designed wood balusters. The porch is a great place to hang out and relax anytime of the day.

Log Home 3

This picture-perfect home even had shiny built-in chairs with ornate backs set at the porch area. This house is truly a work of art.

Log Home 4

Inside, the house features light pink walls that make a sweet contrast to the dark-stained wood floors painted in the same tint as the doors and the wood on the French windows.

Log Home 5
Log Home 6

The curved ceiling also softens the ambience of this charming home, with options for you to add a glass chandelier at the middle or just a regular light bulb.

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Log Home 7

Even the front porch actually features a ceiling hole; though the one at the porch is just a simple rectangle.

Log Home 8

The floor is made up of real wood slabs! Just make sure the floor is polished and varnished to keep it shiny for a longer time.

Because it is small, this house features an open plan to maximize the space. You do have the option to get a sofa bed so you can easily convert the living area to a bedroom.

Log Home 9
Log Home 10

A compact kitchen juts a bit out of one side of the house, but it features a stainless-steel sink and a utility cabinet.

Log Home 11
Log Home 12

It might be small but this house has ample space for a spacious bathroom with charming wall tiles that feature pretty flowers. You can choose other options, of course, if that seems to flowery for your taste.

Log Home bathroom

This house would look great anywhere but would be perfect if there’s a beautifully landscaped lawn or garden around it.