A house doesn’t have to be huge and modern to be a happy home. In fact, even a small house can be one of the best homes in the world!

What’s important is the love that the people living inside the house feel about each other. And who said small houses can’t be beautiful?

Log Home

In this charming little house in Thailand, it is easy to see how this can be perfect for any location because it features a beautiful concept that uses wood, with ornate carvings that add beauty to this humble abode.

Log Home 2

Lovely Porch

Log Home 3

The entrance to the house is through a lovely porch with intricately designed wood balusters. The porch is a great place to hang out and relax anytime of the day.

This picture-perfect home even had shiny built-in chairs with ornate backs set at the porch area. This house is truly a work of art.

Log Home 4