Standing tall at 2 stories high and having a beautiful design, this grand house with multiple bedrooms is the perfect home for a medium to a big family. There is plenty of space for various activities, thanks to the spacious grand hall at the first floor.

At the front portion of the house is a lovely porch where you can hangout if you wish to enjoy the outdoor sights. But the spacious living room is also a popular hangout where you can enjoy a movie with the family while food is readily available in the kitchen, just a few steps away.

This house has cream-colored walls inside and out, plus lovely light blue accents at the eaves to make it look nicer.

Stylish House, Classic Design

This house is technically a split-level home wherein the living room area already has a roof above while half of the house has a second floor. Most of bedrooms are located upstairs, ensuring that the first floor is dedicated for common family activities.

As expected, the house features beautiful furnishings and accent lights. Fresh flowers as well as paintings brighten up the space.

Modern Kitchen

L-shaped counters at the modern kitchen provide ample space for your cooking essentials and appliances. Forest green paint is used for the overhead cupboards and the cabinet doors under the counters. This creates a charming country cottage effect in this grand mansion.

Beautiful pots and pans were also picked for this home.

Spacious, Lovely Bedrooms

The bedrooms are spacious, with lovely designs that match each occupant’s personality. You can decorate these rooms as you please, putting different furniture pieces and using bright colors, if you want.

This dream house features two bathrooms, each with elegant designs. Both have mostly white walls adorned with some checkered accents in a few areas, just to add interest to the look.

This grand 2-story house would surely cost at least Php3 million to build and furnish.