A grand 2-story house built on a high platform, this dream house has a commanding presence in the neighborhood. It would look great even from afar and is surely a wonderful place to live in. It wouldn’t be ideal if there are lots of small kids or old people, but this house is simply perfect for a lot of families.

A huge house like this comes with several doors. It really is up to you which one to consider as the main door; though the sliding glass doors at the porch area near the carport are the largest. Still, the wooden door at the lower porch also makes a great entrance.

This huge home is complemented by a lush garden with well-manicured lawns and lots of trees.

Dream House Design

Such a beautiful house is a dream come true for many who hope to build a structure that looks good even from afar. This house actually has minimalistic exteriors, only painted in grey that look like bare concrete.

There’s a nice balcony that’s accessed from the master’s bedroom at the second floor.

Minimalistic Interiors with Brick Accents

Just like the exteriors, the interior walls of this house come with minimalistic bare concrete paint designs. However, there are areas that are decorated with bricks to provide a break to the monotony. The brick wall at the living room provides the perfect backdrop for your wall-mounted flat-screen TV and multimedia gadgets.

Pick comfortable furniture for your home so you’ll always feel comfortable throughout the day.

Simple Stairs, Nice Bathrooms

A lot of grand houses like this have huge stairs, but this house was designed with simple stairs that lead to a simple landing with matching black railings. Wooden doors are used for the bedrooms of this dream house.

It comes as no surprise that that bathrooms of this house also have the minimalistic bare wall design used for the exterior and interior walls.

This grand 2-story house costs at least Php3 million to build.