The beautiful terrace is a nice feature on the second floor of this dream house. It creates a great hangout where you can enjoy the fresh air and admire the view. There are also rooms at the second floor that have their private balconies.

Standing tall and providing a lot of great places to hangout or enjoy other activities, this house is perfect for big families. Every part of this house is well planned, creating a home that you can be proud of. It even has different colors, inside and out. Yet these colors perfectly complement each other.

This grand house has lots of space and makes use of various accents, including stylish lights, to make the place look even more beautiful.

Great Interiors

Every part of this house looks fantastic. The interiors are great, with every room decked with stylish lights and creative ceilings. This house features white marble floors, though the walls have different colors.

The lovely doors open to a great hall that’s spacious enough for an upright piano. That would actually be perfect by the entrance. The living room is huge and has plenty of vertical windows that add style to this spot.

Part of this living room can also be shared by the dining area though there’s also plenty of space by the kitchen for another table with chairs.

Stylish Bedrooms

The bedrooms come with creative lights and nice styles you are sure to love. Huge windows let fresh air in and allow you to admire the view from your room. Many homeowners with this kind of room style opt to add grills as added security.

Modern Kitchen, Lovely Bathrooms

This house features a modern kitchen that comes with a black-and-white theme. The counters and backsplash actually look pretty in black while the white cabinets create a nice contrast.

The bathrooms actually have a woodsy theme, thanks to the wood-inspired tiles used on the floors. This dream house costs around Php4 million to build and furnish.