In searching for the best house design, pick one that you are sure to love no matter how many years you will live in this place you will call home. We’re definitely recommending this grand 3-bedroom house with a beautiful hip-shape roof plus lots of glass windows and walls all over the place.

Even from afar, this home is an attractive structure that easily catches the eye. The grand design is emphasized by the three roof sections while the glass walls as well as the impressive porch add curb appeal to this home.

Inside, as expected, you will find everything stylish and spacious.

Modern Home

This modern home is set on a platform that puts it about 50cm off the ground. This provides a better vantage point and makes the house look taller.

Different stones are used at the porch area, creating a sophisticated design that you can be proud of. Stainless steel is used as railings.

The light grey color scheme extends towards the back; though concrete walls are used at the back portion as opposed to the mostly glass walls in the living room at the front part of the house.

Gorgeous Interiors

This beautiful home is a joy to live in, with its spacious living room decked with wood-inspired floor tiles, a charming shade of lime green on the walls, and a stylish recessed ceiling.

Doors to the bedroom are made of carved wood while the kitchen door is made of glass.

Nice Kitchen, Sophisticated Bathrooms

The L-shaped kitchen counters appear smaller than expected in this grand home but there’s still plenty of space for large appliances like an oven and fridge.

This house provides 2 bathrooms, both sophisticated and following a grey theme. Both bathrooms have hot and cold shower plus modern sanitary ware.

This grand 3-bedroom house is built for a budget of around Php2.5 million.