If money is not a problem, many of us would certainly choose to live in a grand mansion, complete with a swimming pool and other amenities that make life more fun and beautiful.

The grand house featured here offers four spacious bedrooms and lots of other awesome features, including a detached but matching cottage just a few steps away from the main entrance.

Painted in hues of blue and grey with white trim and brick-inspired accents, this house might need a splash of added color to your liking, but its overall design is a gem that many would find great.

There’s a carport beside the main door, if you don’t have a separate garage for your vehicles. It is two steps lower than the inside floor, putting it level to the ground outside. But this space could also double as patio.

As you enter inside this huge house from the main door, you see the common hall where the living room is located.

This sample home only shows the bare room with white paint on the walls. It is better if you add a splash of color and comfortable furniture to make this place more like a welcoming home.

Meanwhile, you can opt not to build the detached cottage yet, but if you do, this could easily double as a multi-purpose room for accepting guests or use as library, music room, or anything you want.

The modern kitchen features granite countertops, a stainless-steel sink, and a modern hood over the gas or electric stove. Windows to one side bring natural light in while also allowing you to still enjoy the view while doing chores.

As expected, the bathrooms of this grand home are luxurious and equipped with modern fixtures.

The four bedrooms offer a comfortable place for everyone in the family to relax and truly enjoy your home. You can always opt to decorate the bedroom according to each owner’s preferences.