Truly a dream house for many, thanks to its spacious rooms, grand design, and modern look, this beautiful house was built to last for several generations. It is something that you can be proud to live in and later pass on to your children as the family home for many decades to come.

The grand house design makes this house stand out from the neighborhood; though you would typically find a house like this close to other similarly designed homes.

A modern house, you can choose to either use color roof material or roof tiles for an upgraded look. The many glass walls and extended balconies of this house make it a perfect venue for welcoming your guests or just hanging out with the family.

Grand House Design, Balconies Galore

It is obvious even from afar that this is a huge house with lots of rooms for privacy and entertainment. The porch is a good place for hanging out right by the main doors but the master’s bedroom also opens to a separate balcony where you can relax anytime of the day.

There’s not much to see at the back part of the house, but if you have a great view, you can always open another balcony there.

Contemporary Interiors, Stylish Home

This house is a wonderful place to live in and could fit a large family. Though there are lots of spaces for the common areas, this house only has three bedrooms. But each one is also spacious and could fit king-sized beds.

This stylish house also features a beautiful living room that comes with creative lights that add beauty to the interior design.

Spacious Kitchen, Built-in Cabinets

The spacious kitchen comes with modern amenities, with a huge fridge that perfectly fits beneath the built-in cabinets. There’s also enough space for a gas range and other large kitchen appliances.

There are two bathrooms in this dream house. With close to 170 sqm of space, this grand house costs at least Php4 million to construct.