Grand House Design: A Mix of Wood and Concrete Styles

In building a house, it’s not enough to just pick something that can provide you with a roof over your head. It’s also ideal to ensure that it’s the best quality house, made of high-quality materials and has a design that you’ll love. After all, you can’t just easily change houses if you get bored of the design. This grand house makes a great inspiration for your home, with its perfect mix of wood and concrete styles.

A place that you can truly be proud of, this grand house features a modern design that uses different angles to create an interesting look for the roof. The flat roof isn’t just stylish but also economical.

To keep this space as cool as possible, the exteriors are painted in mostly white with some light grey accents. If you don’t like white, you can also opt for cream or other light colors for the exteriors.

Nice Porch, Modern House Design

The porch of this beautiful home wraps around the entrance to one side, creating an extended space. You can even opt to open another side of the living room to have access to this side porch.

The house has a striking modern design that would look fantastic on most lot options. Stylish light fixtures can also upgrade the look of this contemporary home.

Spacious Living Room

The main door opens directly to the spacious living room with its wood furniture pieces and comfortable foam seats.

Huge windows allow natural light to come in your home so you won’t need to turn on the lights for most parts of your daytime and early evening or dawn.

There’s a lot to love about this house but the wood features across the house will surely be on top of your list.

Lovely Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen is small but it’s stylish. You can always add an island for added space in your kitchen.

This place also offers a beautiful dining area, again with wood furniture pieces.

It might cost around 2.8 million or more to build this house.