Standing tall with a platform that is over 1 meter high used for the basement area, this grand 4-bedroom house has an impressive design that certainly sets it apart from the homes in your neighborhood.

You’ll love the modern look and the contemporary façade, though the small gates at the bottom of the stairs look a bit weird. You could always opt to not include the gates in your house design.

The house looks fantastic even from afar. It features a hipped roof design, with style cuts on various portions of the house for a lovelier appearance. Sliding glass doors are used at the front part of the house while the back doors are made of wood.

Lovely Hall, Beautiful Living Room

The hall from the main doors looks lovely and features a wall that you can decorate with art pieces or stylish decorations. This spot features a nicely designed ceiling that matches the one in the living room just a few steps away.

The huge living room is perfect for large gatherings. Make sure to pick stylish furniture pieces to match its grandeur.

Spacious Kitchen, Functional Basement

As expected in this huge home, the spacious kitchen has enough space to cook a feast! You can opt to add a kitchen island for more options for food preparation.

This home also features a functional basement, with lots of spaces for various activities. A house this big deserves 3 bathrooms to ensure that no one will be fighting for the toilet, particularly on busy mornings.

Stylish Bedrooms, Bathrooms

The bedrooms are located at the upper part of the house. The master’s bedroom has its own balcony that looks out to the stunning views around your home. Make sure to keep the grounds clean and beautiful – with landscaping, of course!

Even the bathrooms look stylish in this grand home. Modern fixtures are used the bathrooms.

This grand 4-bedroom house was constructed for a budget of at least Php3.5 million.