Some people believe that your house is a reflection of who you are. So, they pick a grand house design to celebrate their success. Of course, that’s a matter of personal opinion because many people also love a small, native house instead of a mansion. But if you’re looking for a grand house design that isn’t too big, this one might be perfect. It features a beautiful porch, fabulous interiors, and a modern kitchen.

Different colors are used for the walls of this lovely home, creating an interesting look. There are also different accents used in this house to upgrade the look of your home.

Nice Porch and Courtyard, Contemporary House Design

This beautiful house features a nice courtyard that has plenty of potted plants. It makes the place look so nice, though you can also opt to put the potted plants at the side to maximize the space.

The porch also looks good with its nice railings and space for a table and some chairs.

The modern design of this house features flat roofs that contour along the shape of your house. A separate roof is placed over the porch area.

Impressive Interiors, Different Color Walls

Different colors are used for the walls, creating a nice look for the interiors. Most of the walls are in powder blue, but accent walls have other interesting colors such as light pink, sky blue, brown, and grey.

Various parts of the house also have different styles of tiles, though are in brown.

The interiors are stylish. You can use sheer curtains for the windows for a softer, elegant look.

Modern Kitchen, Lovely Bedrooms

Meal preparations are easy in the modern kitchen with L-shaped counters. Large windows are also used in the kitchen so you can let natural light in.

The lovely bedrooms are spacious enough for a double bed that you can set up by the wall to maximize the space. You can also add a full closet or built-in cabinets for the bedrooms.

Even the bathroom looks nice in this home that you can build for around Php2.2 million.