In building a house for your family, it is always a good idea to have the future in mind, particularly if you are still starting off.

Even if your family is still small, you can start building a grand 2-story house with three spacious bedrooms, preparing the rooms for the kids to move into as they grow older.

Two-Story House Design 1

This grand 2-story house design features impressive exteriors as well as lavish interiors that would surely be a welcoming home for the entire family.

Two-Story House Design

The carport is set right beside the kitchen, with entry to the back door; however, it is also just a few steps away from the circular foyer that directly opens to the den which you can also use as office; there’s also a small toilet by the main entrance.

Two-Story House Design plan

From the foyer, you have easy access to the stairs.

Two-Story House Design 3

The left opening leads to the spacious living room while the dining area is just a few steps to the right of the foyer. This house features a separate kitchen from the dining room, but it also just easily accessible a couple of steps away.

Two-Story House Design 4

The lanai is a beautiful place to hang out at the back area while there’s a laundry room, smaller maid’s room, and toilet and bath towards the back of the house.

Two-Story House Design 5

The three spacious bedrooms occupy the second floor, with the huge master’s bedroom having a large walk-in closet and ensuite toilet/bath.

Two-Story House Design 6

The two smaller bedrooms designed to be shared by the kids also share a common toilet and bath.

Two-Story House Design plan 2

Perfect even for a narrow lot with a small frontage, this modern home looks slim and slender from the street but is actually huge and spacious inside.

Two-Story House Design 7

Stacked stones are used to make the wall behind the staircase look prettier, adding to the curb appeal. This charming home also features large French windows, intricate railings on the wooden-finished stairs, and lavish furnishings inside.

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