Great Idea for Resort-Style Garden House with Beautiful Design

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When it comes to building a home, a lot of people don’t mind having a small one as long as they are comfortable and can enjoy the space. But it would be a good idea for the place to look nice – and having a garden or beautiful view certainly upgrades the look, even for small houses.

This resort-style garden house features a beautiful design that’s perfect for any setting, though it would certainly be more appropriate at a place with nice surroundings.


Modern small house Japanese-style design with elegant interior views video

Elevated a couple of feet off the ground by several supporting concrete posts, this house has a nice view and features balconies from at both the front and back area.

Beautiful Design

The design of this house is simple yet beautiful. The larger gable roof covers the main part of the house while a smaller one creates a nice look over the front balcony.

This house might be small and only has 1 bedroom. but it is a good place to stay. It would be ideal for a small family that’s willing to share the small space. This 1-bedroom house was built for Php550,000.