Finding a budget-friendly yet beautiful house design is every homeowner’s dream. That’s why houses like this green home are truly a gem. This green house features 2 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, a lovely porch, and a contemporary design that you can always be proud of.

Just like most modern homes these days, this one features a flat roof over the main house and a separate one (also flat) over the porch area.

The walls are painted with a sweet shade of green that’s soothing to the eyes, with the exteriors using a darker shade of green than the interiors.

Built-In Benches at Porch Area, Modern House Design

Having built-in benches in the porch area makes this spot a great place to welcome your guests. It’s not just an extension to your living room but also a good hangout for enjoying some refreshments or even a full meal.

Sliding glass doors providing a modern entrance to your home while the glass windows also make the space look bigger.

Nature-Themed House, Lovely Interiors

Even if it’s your first time stepping on the porch, you’ll know right away that this house has a nature theme. The tiles are printed with flowers while the protective window grills are adorned with butterflies. The same design is also used at the grills behind the sliding glass doors.

Just like the exteriors, the interiors of this home are also painted green, though a much lighter shade is used.

Flowery Kitchen and Bathroom

Keeping up with the nature theme, the kitchen and the bathroom come with flowery tiles on the walls and floors. All these create a homey atmosphere that’s soothing to the eyes. Cooking won’t feel like too much work in this flowery kitchen.

If the bathroom prints are too loud for you, you can pick plain white or green wall tiles instead so they won’t clash with the pretty flowers on the floor tiles.

This lovely 2-bedroom home can cost around Php1.8 million to construct.