An upscale house to live in, this stylish green house features a classic porch, a modern look, and elegant interiors. Although not a very tall house, this 1-story home has a commanding presence and would look great in any neighborhood.

The house features cream-colored walls on the exterior, with a lovely shade of green used for the accents. There are also nice sandstone tiles used to make the porch pillars look more beautiful. You’ll love the classic look of the porch, thanks to its white railings that perfectly complement the other elements used in this house.

Inside, you’ll find spacious interiors with white walls that make the place look bigger.

Lovely Porch, Modern House Design

Anytime of the day, you can enjoy hanging out at the lovely porch set in front of the house. It is but a small spot that could only fit a few chairs and a small table but it makes a good place to relax.

This modern house design comes with 2 bedrooms and a nice flat roof that slopes towards the back, over the main part of the house. The porch has a different roof that slopes slightly forward.