Houser with Green Exterior Color

Soothing green colors are picked for this beautiful house that features a contemporary design, 2 bedrooms, and a lovely porch that’s so perfect for hanging out while admiring the view around you.

The porch at the front is provided with built-in benches with shiny brown tiles that mimic wood for a more stylish look.

Stone accents are also placed at the pillars while lovely porch lights are picked for added curb appeal.

This house makes use of large sliding glass windows for style and to let fresh air in.

It won’t be so difficult to keep this house cool even on hot summer days.

Green House with different view

Stylish House, Modern Design

This house truly looks so stylish, with a nice porch at the front and great interiors that also come with green walls.

The porch acts as the main entrance and welcome spot in this modern house.

It is also a great hangout or a special nook for reading your favorite book.

Green House Frontview

Lovely porch

Spacious Interiors, 2 Lovely Bedrooms

With green walls that look soothing to the eyes, this house comes with spacious interiors that you can furnish with your dream furniture.

Built-in cabinets would perfectly match this modern house while floor-length curtains would certainly upgrade the look of the interiors.

House 2 Bedrooms

There are 2 lovely bedrooms in this house, with both provided with sliding glass doors that make this place different from most homes.

House living room

The great hall at the living room also provides space for the dining area just steps away from the kitchen located at the back area.

This modern kitchen is a room on its own but without a door so that you can still have direct access anytime of the day.

Nice Bathrooms

Green House bathroom

Designed with the needs of the family in mind, this house features two nice bathrooms that come with matching designs, colors, and tiles.

Such a modern 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php1.6 million (estimated).