Grey Bungalow with Stylish Accents and Beautiful Interiors

2 min

It is always a joy to live in a house that you can be proud of. That’s why a lot of people tend to build the house of their dreams, with careful consideration of how the house should look inside and out.

Set on a large lot, this grey bungalow features stylish accents on the outside and beautiful interiors with an excellent floor plan. This would definitely look so much better with a lush tropical garden and lots of beautiful flowers all around.

Creative lights hang from the living room of this house, creating a beautiful effect that also turns the light into a conversation starter.

Contemporary House Design

A house that you will truly enjoy living in, this place has a contemporary design with flat roofs, creative accents, and comfortable bedrooms. The small porch at the front is more of a design feature than a hangout, but that’s nothing to worry about because there are lots of spots for entertainment inside the house.

Such a beautiful home may be built for a budget of at least Php2.8 million.