This grey house features 3 lovely bedrooms and a shed roof design that makes the structure look stylish. The exteriors are painted in dark grey, with an open porch that extends to several sides of the house. There’s a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, and 2 nice bathrooms inside.

A modern place to call as home, this house has a contemporary design accented by rectangular steel tubes. The grey color scheme extends towards the back, with lines defined by white paint.

The back area is bare and only has a short flight of stairs, but you can always opt to upgrade this space as a deck or even a laundry area.

Stylish House Design

A stylish house that you can be proud of, this home looks great inside and out. The porch wraps along the front portion of the house while narrow, vertical windows add style to the exteriors. Wide sliding glass windows are used for the other portions of the house.

Though the roof is flat, it does not look boring at all. It was designed to still look great above this contemporary house, with a lower roof provided for the porch area.

Spacious Interiors

The spacious interiors of this house make this place perfect for a growing family. One wall in the living room is covered with tiles, creating an accented backdrop for your flat-screen TV and multimedia gadgets.

Lights don’t just provide illumination but were also picked to add style to this home. Perfect for a medium-sized family, this house comes with 3 bedrooms.

Woodsy Kitchen Design, Nice Bathroom

Equipped with granite counters, stylish drop lights, and a stainless-steel sink, the kitchen manages to still have a woodsy theme, thanks to the wood-themed walls. Sliding glass windows provide fresh air in the kitchen.

With a black-and-white theme, the bathroom looks so nice in this home. Modern fixtures are also picked for the bathroom.

Overall, this 3-bedroom home may be built for around Php2 million.