Enjoy living in a grand house that looks lovely and has 3 spacious bedrooms for the family. Perfect for a growing family, this home has a modern design and a carefully laid out floor plan to ensure that everything is in the right place.

It features a roof shed for a stylish design that won’t actually hurt your budget. This lovely home also has a nice porch where you can hang out while admiring the views around your home. It won’t hurt, of course, if you also get the surrounding area landscaped.

The color scheme involves various shades of grey with orange accents on the exteriors while the interiors feature grey walls with lovely accent lights on the ceilings.

Modern House Design

The porch is a welcoming feature of this modern house. The huge sliding glass doors perfectly match the glass windows that come with white frames for added beauty.

The porch itself is small but the interior spaces easily make up for this spot. Though the roof is flat, the design is actually quite interesting.

Stylish Interiors

Recessed ceilings come with differently colored lights that create a stylish backlight. Different colors are picked for the rooms and living room for added interest.

The lights are also carefully chosen to appear as decorations at daytime and provide illumination at night. Even the hallway features the same recessed ceiling design.

White marble tiles grace the floors of this charming home while wooden doors come with stylish wood textures painted in natural brown.

Nice Bathrooms

As expected in this modern home, the bathrooms look nice and sophisticated. Grey marble tiles are used on the floors while the walls come in white and grey, with various accents to create interesting designs.

Both bathrooms have simple showers, with provisions for later installation of hot and cold shower. This grand house costs at least Php1.8 million to build.