Grey House with Compact Floor Plan, Nice Porch

Built using a mix of concrete, steel, and glass, this modern grey house is not just strong and sturdy, but it also looks great. Some might think that the grey exteriors are a bit boring, but you always have the option to choose brighter colors if you’ll use this as design inspiration. It features a compact floor plan, a nice porch, lovely bedroom, and a stylish living room.

The interiors have lighter walls. Painted in cream, the interiors look elegant and have a minimalist look. You can add splashes of colors here and there with curtains and some works of art.

Just like what the owners did to this home, you can also opt to add some real plants inside, set on stylish pots.

Nice Porch, Modern Look

It would be nice to live in a house where you can relax any time of the day and also have lots of spots to hang out. Just like this house which features a nice porch at the front. It’s big enough to let you put some chairs and a table.

This porch also serves as the entryway to the house, with the white-framed sliding glass doors creating a sharp yet beautiful contrast with the grey walls.

Stylish Interiors, Charming Plants

Shiny tiles are set in a similar hue as the interior walls. It creates a nice look that can also be perfect for decorating the space in any style, color, or theme that you want. The neutral colors wouldn’t clash with each other or with the designs.

Charming plants also grace the interiors, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Simple Bedrooms, Beautiful Home

Although the bedrooms are simple, you can appreciate having them styled so simply in this modern home. You can always upgrade the look as your preferences change, or add stuff based on your budget.

This house might take around Php1.2 million to construct.