This house features a long porch at the front, glass windows and sliding doors, stylish interiors with wood-inspired tiles, and cool accents inside and out. The house also comes with two beautiful bathrooms and nice bedrooms where you can relax after a long, tiring day.

Now, if you want a house that can last for decades, even generations to come, you have to pick a concrete design. It’s more expensive than a native house made of wood, but it’s proven to last longer – if built correctly, of course.

This home also has a short driveway that still needs some improvement, but you can always add your inputs for this design.

Contemporary House Design, Grey House

This modern house is a great place to live in and features a contemporary design that you can be proud of. Though the porch is narrow, you can always extend this towards the front. Still, this has space enough for some chairs where you can relax.

The house makes use of grey paint for interiors and exteriors alike. But you can always opt for other color schemes or use colorful prints to brighten up the space.

Spacious Living Room, Lovely Lights

Modern sliding glass doors open directly to the spacious living room with lovely lights that add beauty to this spot. Towards the back is a space for a modern kitchen, while two bathrooms come with full tiles on all the walls.

The bedroom doors are stylish and made of wood. Inside, wood-inspired tiles also grace the floors while sliding windows are also used for these private spaces, just like the living room.

You’re free to style the rooms any way you like, but for this grey space, adding splashes of colors might make the space look better.

It would take at least Php1.8 million to build this modern home.